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ACCCF Library of Other Resources

Welcome to the Appalachian Coalfields Climate Change Forum's "Library of Other Resources." These "Other Resources" materials are more narrow and/or ephemeral than the materials in the Forum's Library of Major Resources. The date at the beginning of each link's listing is the approximate date of the link’s first listing on the Forum. If you use an RSS Feed reader, you can subscribe to "What's New" updates by pasting into your reader's subscription list. Comments and suggestions, including suggested links and reports of broken links, are welcome at

The term "CCS" in the following descriptions means "carbon capture and sequestration;" "CTL" means "coal-to-liquids;" "IGCC" means "integrated gasification combined cycle." The following links are in roughly reverse chronological order and are not sorted into categories.

05/05/2009 -- Head of US FERC says no new coal plants may be needed in US:

05/05/2009 -- WV Charleston Gazette blog regarding UMWA position on US climate policy legislation:

05/05/2009 -- MIT Professor challenges claims of extreme costs to consumers from cap-and-trade:

05/05/2009 -- WSJ Blog links to stories on US climate policy legislation, and on important decision by England to require CCS on all new coal plants:

05/05/2009 -- Canada will require CCS at new coal plants:

05/05/2009 -- Kentucky utility co-op opens modern coal plant:,+%22H.L.+Spurlock+Station%22&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

05/05/2009 -- Article predicts decline in world energy production and economic growth, includes coal projections:

05/05/2009 -- Shell Energy head talks to WSJ re CCS:

05/05/2009 -- Germany plans new non-CCS coal plants:

05/05/2009 -- Transcript of Patriot Coal phone conference with analysts and investors:

05/05/2009 -- Blog says carbon tax a non-starter, cap-and-trade is the only politically possible deal:

05/05/2009 -- WV issues CCS permit to AEP:

05/05/2009 -- Article on new Illinois coal plant says costs may be high:

04/22/2009 -- Guardian reviews book that says "environmentalism" hurts effective climate change policies:

04/22/2009 -- Article says investors shy of CCS because of cost/return uncertainties:

04/22/2009 -- Grim news on warming:

04/22/2009 -- WV Congresswoman is a climate change skeptic

04/22/2009 -- WV Gazette blog post has links to two articles addressing climate change policies and Appalachian coal:

04/22/2009 -- Consol says it's postponing two mines in N. Appalachia:

04/22/2009 -- Major CCS plant proposal for New Jersey:

04/22/2009 -- NYT blog says CCS is critical for China:

04/22/2009 -- Analysis of "clean coal" lobbying campaign:

04/22/2009 -- Eastern forests can absorb CO2:

04/22/2009 -- WSJ Blog on current coal issues:

04/11/2009 -- MR: Electric Power Institute has links to CCS articles and studies:

04/11/2009 -- MR: Five-part Scientific American series on CCS:

04/11/2009 -- MR: Scottish University site with many papers on CCS:

04/11/2009 -- Charleston WV Gazette blog on coal reserves and mountaintop mining:

04/11/2009 -- MIT estimates the odds of different climate scenarios:

04/11/2009 -- North Carolina coal plant protests:

04/11/2009 -- WSJ says Waxman-Markey is not hard on coal:

04/11/2009 -- Sustainable Research blog explains why cap-and-trade is not enough:

04/11/2009 -- Grass-roots environmentalist says "lighten up on CCS":

04/04/2009 -- Blog post says new coal plants are unlikely:

04/04/2009 -- Latest climate policy prescription from Climate Progress:

04/04/2009 -- NRDC Paper on CTL and coal reserves:

04/04/2009 -- More grim news on climate change future:

04/04/2009 -- WSJ article on cost of clean coal:

04/04/2009 -- Update on FutureGen:

04/04/2009 -- Summary of info about the current technological and political state of CCS in the US:

04/04/2009 -- MIT update on FutureGen:

04/04/2009 – Basic explanation of CCS:

04/04/2009 – NY Times on stimulus money and clean coal:

04/04/2009 -- Latest proposed US Climate Change legislation:

04/04/2009 -- Info on IGCC power plant in China:

043/04/2009 -- Huffington post article on mountaintop removal mining and coal mining employment:

04/04/2009 -- A compelling argument for sound climate change policy from a Republican congressman:

04/04/2009 -- WVU coal researcher calls for state to lead in a low-carbon economy:

03/22/2009 -- US Climate Policy Rep says the US is back in the game:

03/22/2009 -- Charleston WV Gazette Coal Tattoo blog discusses WV Sen. Byrd and climate change legislation:

03/22/2009 -- Article says Kentucky coal industry braces for shifts in US coal policy:

03/22/2009 -- Article on plans to use High Voltage DC (HVDC) power in a new grid based on renewable energy:

03/22/2009 -- Calculations of the future cost of a new Virginia coal plant proposal:

03/22/2009 -- Peabody Coal to open major mine in Indiana:

03/22/2009 -- Article describes who is lobbying for what climate change policies in DC:

03/22/2009 -- Article on WV electricity rate hikes:

03/22/2009 -- Council on Foreign Relations article on coal/climate//CCS issues:

03/22/2009 -- Article by Jeff Goodell, author of the book "Big Coal," on coal's future:

03/22/2009 -- Charleston WV Gazette report on "Friends of Coal" questioning of climate change:

03/22/2009 -- US DOE report on CCS:

03/22/2009 -- Swedish CCS plant operator sees sequestration costs as affordable by 2020:

03/22/2009 -- Skeptical article on spending for CCS from a business perspective:

03/22/2009 -- WV Legislature interested in CCS issues:

03/22/2009 -- Charleston WV Gazette Coal Tattoo blog excerpts from a half-dozen recent web postings on CCS:

03/11/2009 -- Blog updates "clean coal" media/policy battles:

03/11/2009 -- More grim news about future climate change:

03/11/2009 -- Article on coal in stimulus package:

03/11/2009 -- Op-ed on coal reserves in Charleston, WV Gazette:

03/11/2009 -- Key Democratic Senator says climate bill may not come till next year:

03/11/2009 -- Article on CCS pipeline needs:

03/11/2009 -- Essay on "smart grid" by DOE Secy. Chu:

03/11/2009 -- Duke Energy says it needs coal from Central Appalachia:

03/11/2009 -- Washington Post says FutureGen CCS plant in Illinois is back on track:

03/11/2009 -- WV State Journal discusses future of CCS: 03/11/2009 --

03/11/2009 -- Blogger says coal will be around for quite a while:

03/11/2009 -- NY Times blog on costs of CCS:

03/11/2009 -- Major Australian CCS proposal is put on indefinite hold:,27574,25140411-2682,00.html

03/11/2009 -- Blog post has info, links on "smart grid":

03/11/2009 -- Coverage of protest at US Capitol coal-burning power plant:

03/11/2009 -- Reuters says US Cap and Trade policies will generate 600 Billion in revenues:

02/28/2009 -- MR: EPA report on climate change effects in Mid-Atlantic region:

02/28/2009 -- Washington State study on regional effects of climate change:

02/28/2009 -- Blog post says carbon pricing must be accompanied by a moratorium on non-CCS coal plants:

02/28/2009 -- Brief Guardian article surveys CCS around the world:

02/28/2009 -- Article describes multi-faceted legal challenges to proposed new Virginia coal plant:

02/28/2009 -- Harvard paper on the Press and Climate Change:

02/28/2009 -- Charleston Gazette blog describes the Fourth Circuit's partial overruling of federal powerline "supremacy":

02/28/2009 -- Living On Earth radio show discusses future of U.S. coal power:

02/28/2009 -- Blog post on replacing coal in power plants with wood:

02/19/2009 -- Study says 2009 to be big year for CCS decisions:

02/19/2009 -- NYT article asks "Are Americans ready to quit coal?":

02/19/2009 -- Massey and Consol coal companies criticized for climate policies:

02/19/2009 -- Asian coal use may undermine climate efforts:

02/19/2009 --Business Week asks if 2009 is the "Year of CCS":

02/19/2009 -- Future of "Futuregen" Illinois CCS plant under stimulus is unsure:

02/19/2009 -- EPA to re-look at regulating CO2 from power plants:

02/19/2009 -- WV group oppose CCS testing:

02/19/2009 -- Investment adviser writes on "peak coal" issues:

02/19/2009 -- Interview with Duke Energy CEO James Rogers on coal's future:

02/19/2009 -- Climate scientist James Hansen says new coal plants are "death factories":

02/19/2009 -- Scientists say climate change is here now, and will be worse than they once thought:

02/19/2009 -- Arch Coal exec says cap-and-trade is coming:

02/19/2009 -- South Carolina governor opposes new coal plant proposal:

02/19/2009 -- WV IGCC plant put on hold:

02/12/09 -- WSJ blog says "goodbye coal, what's left?":

02/12/09 -- Blog post about music of Appalachian coal mining, with video of song by Kathy Mattea:

02/12/09 -- Canadian climate change policies criticized as ineffectual posturing:

02/12/09 -- Blog article calls into question "smart grid" plans:

02/12/09 -- Study says CTL plus CCS reduces overall CO2 emissions slightly compared to petroleum:

02/12/09 -- Coal company puts Ohio IGCC plant on hold:

02/12/09 -- Article from Rockefeller Fund on how the US should prepare for climate policy meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009, with discussion of coal policy in US:

02/06/2009 -- Michigan state tax credit proposed for CCS investment:

02/06/2009 -- Utilities to study CCS at existing coal power plants:

02/06/2009 -- Charleston WV Gazette article says "clean coal" does well in Senate stimulus package:

02/06/2009 -- China's coal imports and exports drop:

02/06/2009 -- NRDC Director responds to criticisms of Climate Action Congressional Proposals:

02/06/2009 -- West Virginian writes why coal is important to state's economy:

02/06/2009 -- Blog post talks about anti-coal campaigns and their different tactics and strategies:

02/06/2009 -- NYT article about differences between coal-states and non-coal-states in Congress:

02/06/2009 -- Blog article reports on the state of campus climate policy activism, including anti-coal efforts:

02/06/2009 -- Blog post describes the divide between Senate Democrats from coal states and those from non-coal states:

02/06/2009 -- Wall St. Journal says coal is facing criticism and tough policies on several fronts:

01/27/2009 -- Factcheck takes a look at the concept of "clean coal":

01/27/2009 -- China's coal imports and exports drop:

01/27/2009 -- Blogger writes on clean coal mandates:

01/27/2009 -- World Resources Institute Report on standards for CCS:

01/27/2009 -- WSJ article says coal industry doing well on Capitol Hill:

01/27/2009 -- Links that discuss the newly-released U.S. Climate Action Plan, which are endorsed by some business groups and some environmental groups like NRDC, and criticized by other groups as too coal-friendly:

01/27/2009 -- Article describes plans for new coal plant in Scotland by Danish company:

01/27/2009 -- British expert Lord Stern hopeful for climate policy agreements:

01/27/2009 -- Blog post recapitulates evidence that climate change is real and very dangerous:

01/27/2009 -- Report criticizes IEA predictions on renewable energy resources as too low:

01/27/2009 -- blog post discusses wisdom of investment in new coal plants:

01/27/2009 -- AP article on coal cutbacks in Appalachia:

01/12/2009 -- Time Magazine article questions “clean coal” claims:,8816,1870599,00.html

01/12/2009 -- Essay on the ethics of the “safety-valve” component in proposed US climate policy legislation:

01/12/2009 -- blog post reviews clean coal issues:

01/12/2009 -- Proposed new Indiana IGCC plant to study CCS:

01/12/2009 -- 01/12/2009 -- Article explains cap-and-trade carbon emissions reduction policies:

01/12/2009 -- "Smart Grid" advocate explains what's involved:

01/12/2009 -- Newsweek op-ed says global investment in CCS is way too low:

01/12/2009 -- Blog post links proposed WV power line to new coal plants:

01/12/2009 -- Study says new nuclear power costs will be very large:

01/12/2009 -- Article on cutbacks in new coal plant business:

01/12/2009 -- Western states push for CCS research:

01/12/2009 -- MR: Pew Climate Center studies about coal collected:

01/12/2009 -- Report says "Clean Coal" advovcates aren't putting money where mouth is:

12/21/2008 -- Disturbing predictions on future climate change impacts unless carbon emissions reductions begin soon:

12/21/2008 -- Investor guide discusses energy policy and stocks, is bullish on coal:

12/21/2008 -- Peabody Coal plans coal-to-gas plant in Kentucky:

12/21/2008 -- Anti-coal activists plan civil disobedience March 2 near DC:

12/21/2008 -- Revival of FutureGen CCS/IGCC coal plant will be pushed to Obama as part of economic stimulus:

12/21/2008 -- Video excerpt of new DOE head Chu’s remarks about CCS and coal:

12/21/2008 -- China moving ahead on IGCC:

12/21/2008 -- US Energy Information Agency predicts downturn in coal use by 2030:

12/21/2008 -- Modest Australian carbon emissions reduction proposals draw coal industry fire:,25197,24811768-11949,00.html

12/21/2008 -- NYT times says "bad news for coal at EPA but some states push ahead":

12/21/2008 -- League of Conservation Voters responds to "Clean Coal" slogan:

12/21/2008 -- US Chamber of Commerce speaks out on energy policy under Obama Administration:

12/21/2008 -- Update on climate policy issues in Washington DC:

12/21/2008 -- Investors say China is leading in clean coal technology:

12/21/2008 -- Bank of America to stop financing mountaintop removal mining:

12/21/2008 -- Recommendations on climate policy made to Obama by US environmental groups:

12/21/2008 -- Britain sees renewed strip mining for coal:

12/21/2008 -- Clean Coal advocate talks about Obama administration:

12/21/2008 -- Wall Street Journal article on coal companies hiring in Appalachia:

12/05/08 -- Analysis of what Obama can and can't do on global warming:

12/05/08 -- Britain sees revival of strip mining for coal:

12/05/08 -- Reuters says rich countries backing off on emissions cuts in short-term:

12/05/08 -- Australian energy exec slams CCS:,21985,24717238-664,00.html

12/05/08 -- Former Bush EPA counsel discusses recent EAB Board ruling that EPA must consider CO2 in permitting new coal plants:

12/05/08 -- clean coal advocate talks about Obama administration:

12/05/08 -- Article in Nature describes how 25% of CO2 emissions remain in atmosphere for millennia:

12/05/08 -- Wall Street Journal article on coal companies hiring in Appalachia:

12/05/08 -- CCS to be pushed by IEA:

12/05/08 -- NBC TV story on clean coal:

12/05/08 -- New standard set for forestry-based carbon offsets:

12/05/08 -- Bloomberg says Appalachian coal exports are strong:

12/05/08 -- Wall St. Journal says coal prices down significantly:

12/05/08 -- Federal court says North Carolina coal plant must meet new emissions standards:

12/05/08 -- Toshiba to build pilot CCS plant:

11/17/2008 -- NYT blog discusses civil disobedience at coal plants:

11/17/2008 -- European power companies advocate for ccs subsidies:

11/17/2008 -- WV Gazette article discusses coal's future under Obama presidency:

11/17/2008 -- Wikipedia page on coal and jobs in the US:

11/17/2008 -- IEA says that limiting warming to 2 degrees will require closing coal plants before their normal replacement time:

11/17/2008 -- MIT study suggests that "partial" CCS may be feasible:

11/17/2008 -- Article discusses IGCC efforts in Wyoming:

11/17/2008 -- Blog post evaluates CCS as core climate solution:

11/17/2008 -- Brookings Institute says imrpovements to power grid are essential, and that the coal industry will have a particular agenda for those improvements:

11/17/2008 -- Business Week looks at CCS problems:

11/17/2008 -- EPA ruling on CO2 emissions puts future coal plant permits in question:

11/17/2008 -- European power co. advocates for ccs subsidies:

11/17/2008 -- Energy tribune article describes the coal/climate dilemma:

11/17/2008 -- Website looks at Appalachian coal camps:

11/17/2008 -- Blog post discusses meeting between anti-coal activists and coal miners in England:

11/17/2008 -- Blog asks how to phase out coal plants:

Blog looks at current CCS limitations:

10/30/2008 -- Blog post looks at China's attitude toward CCS:

10/30/2008 -- Radio commentary says "clean coal" is still a dream, and that efficiency in heating buildings is more economical way to reduce emissions:

10/30/2008 -- WV Senator Rockefeller and others form "Gang of 16" to weigh in on cap-and-trade legislation:

10/30/2008 -- Article on Chinese Academy of Science report says Chinese CO2 emissions to rise dramatically:

10/30/2008 -- Article on Spanish commitment to CCS:

10/30/2008 -- Article says India is shopping for Appalachian coal:

10/30/2008 -- West Virginia CTL Plant cancelled:

10/30/2008 -- Transcript of interview with public utility assn CEO on dangers of deregulation in cap-and-trade system:

10/30/2008 -- New book on personal stories of Appalachian coal mining families:

10/30/2008 -- Blog post summarizes evidence fueling concerns that recent IPCC climate change projections are understated:

10/30/2008 -- Pew Center expert on the role of natural gas in climate policy:

10/30/2008 -- Pew Center expert talks about US 2009 climate policy legislation:

10/30/2008 -- FutureGen IGCC/CCS plant advocates aren't giving up:

10/22/2008 -- World Wildlife report says climate change effects greater, faster than predicted:

10/22/2008 -- Bank of America adds per-ton carbon emission charge in assessing new coal plant proposals:

10/22/2008 -- Virginia coal plant protestors enter pleas:

10/22/2008 -- Article says Ohio may lose buckeye trees due to climate change:

10/22/2008 -- Frontline special on climate, energy, and coal:

10/22/2008 -- Transcript of conference call with Peabody coal company executive and investors on coal's future:

10/22/2008 -- Article on increases in CCS research:

10/22/2008 -- Article discusses ethics of public funding for CCS research:

10/22/2008 -- US Congressional Budget Office report on effect of climate policy on vehicle emissions:

10/22/2008 -- Speaker at West Virginia coal forum raises caution flag for coal's future:

10/05/2008 -- W.Va. Charleston Gazette article on US Govt. GAO CCS report:

10/05/2008 -- Article discusses US government cancellation of FutureGen IGCC/CCS plant and reallocation of money:

10/05/2008 -- Blog posts summarize presentations at Association for Study of Peak Oil 2008 conference on future of energy, including interesting remarks on coal and CCS:

10/05/2008 -- Australian CCS researcher says time is running out for clean coal:,25197,24423137-5005200,00.html

10/05/2008 -- Law firm describes basis of challenges to new coal plants based on CO2 emissions:

10/05/2008 -- Investment advisor says coal stock future uncertain:

10/04/2008 -- Taxpayers for Common Sense says clean coal has so far been a giveaway/boondoggle:

10/04/2008 -- Al Gore urges protests to stop new coal plants not ready for CCS:

10/04/2008 -- Blog post reports permit approval for Kentucky coal-fired plant:

10/04/2008 -- Oak Ridge National laboratory report on booming carbon emissions:

10/04/2008 – Maryland study forecasts severe injuries to states from unchecked climate change:

10/04/2008 -- NYTimes article says demand rising for coal:

10/04/2008 -- article says Appalachian coal official cautiously optimistic:

10/04/2008 – NYTimes article with Biden/Palen debate quotes on coal/climate policy:

10/04/2008 -- Story says business criticizes emissions restrictions policy in Australia:

10/04/2008 -- Blog post analyzes difficulties of CCS:

10/04/2008 -- Study says Virginia can get major emissions reductions from efficiency:

10/04/2008 -- Article by Australian environmentalist says CCS is crucial to planetary survival:

10/03/2008 – British energy policy expert says security more important than climate effects of coal:

10/03/2008 – West Virginia blog post is skeptical about coal reserves and coal’s future:

10/03/2008 – article ties coal prices to mountaintop removal litigation:

10/03/2008 – article on cost and timetable for European CCS implementation:

10/03/2008 – article on dangers of methane release due to global warming:

10/03/2008 – USA Today reports on cutbacks in coal plant plans:

10/03/2008 -- US DOE offering $8 billlion in “clean coal” loan guarantees:

10/03/2008 – blog post simplifies “cap-and-trade” climate change policy:

09/15/2008 – Blog article on nonviolent blockade of Va. Coal power plant:

09/15/2008 – US government soliciting low-CO2 CTL proposals:

09/15/2008 – WSJ article on new CCS techniques in India and China:

09/15/2008 – Article on CCS is positive:

09/15/2008 – article on coal exports from Appalachia:
09/15/2008 – scientist James Hansen’s latest on CO2 reduction strategies:

09/07/2008 -- Funding cancelled for proposed WV coal plant:

09/07/2008 – German CCS pilot plant to begin operations:

09/07/2008 – Chinese official calls for emissions limits:

09/07/2008 – Nature Reports says “King Coal Still on the Throne:”

09/07/2008 – Nature Conservancy article on building resiliency in Appalachia with land protection in the face of coming climate change:

09/07/2008 – Forbes says coal prices weakening:

09/03/2008 – Brookings Institute article on imminence of climate change tipping points (seven years):

09/03/2008 – NY Times blogger skeptical on the future of CCS for coal:

09/03/2008 – West Virginia editorial favors continued coal use:

09/03/2008 – financial columnist is bullish on coal:

09/03/2008 -- Australian govt. expert says CCS will cost $85 per ton of carbon in 2017:

09/03/2008 – Challenging essay on energy sources and world economic growth:

08/24/2008 – article on new efforts for CTL in US:

08/24/2008 – Australian study says CCS will take until at least 2020 to implement:

08/18/2008 -- Greenpeace report criticizing CCS:

08/18/2008 -- Article on planned CTL plant in Australia:

08/18/08 -- Guardian article says top British climate scientist advises preparation for 4 degree increase, says burning coal more cleanly in China and India will cause greater warming effect:

08/18/2008 -- study says old-growth forests store more CO2:

08/20/2008 – press release on financing for company planning carbon offset and capture business:

08/20/2008 – article discusses need for very-long-term liability insurance for CCS projects:

08/20/2008 – Montana coal mine to increase production:
08/20/2008 – Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission judges recommend “no” for proposed electricity transmission line:

08/20/2008 – North Carolina electricity rates to increase:

08/20/08 – Canada to move ahead on CCS pilot:

08/18/2008 -- story on test in Va. of CO2 injection into coal seams for CCS:
08/18/2008 – article on retrofitting coal plants to reduce CO2 emissions:
08/18/2008 – WV University Water Resources Inst. main site:

08/18/2008 – Mid-Atlantic Water and Energy Conference Nov. 18:

08/17/2008 -- blog post summarizing articles about cost of new coal-fired power plants:

08/18/2008 – Article on how “clean coal” affects investments in coal industry:

08/18/2008 – Article on Kansas utilities facing carbon emission limits:

08/18/2008 -- Blog entry quotes from article that discusses Native American tribal coal production:

08/18/2008 -- Washington Post story on current "Boom" in fossil fuel production:

08-18-2008 -- Article on how Environmental Defense Fund supports new Texas coal plant in return for promised 50% CO2 reductions:

08/14/08 -- US DOE to award $340 million for clean coal projects:

08/14/2008 – Report on legislative efforts to require military to buy coal-to-liquid fuel:

08/11/2008 -- Article says CCS is a "winner" in proposed US legislation:

08/11/2008 -- Charleston Gazette article on West Virginia state government support for CTL plant proposal:

08/11/2008 -- Article explains US Congressional "safety-valve"-type proposal to manage price of carbon emissions under cap-and-trade:

08/11/2008 -- Article on proposed US legislation to curtail new coal plants without CCS:

08/11/2008 -- Charleston Gazette article on West Virginia regulatory approval of large new electricity transmission line, refers to new coal-fired power plant proposals:

08/11/2008 -- Appalachian Energy renewable electricity company:

08/11/2008 – Guardian article explaining British government’s rationale for going ahead with new coal plant to demonstrate to China and India the West’s commitment to developing CCS technology:

08/11/2008 – Climate scientist James Hansen reports on meetings with world leaders discussing climate change and coal plant emissions:

08/11/2008 – Report on decline of coal mining in Germany:

08/11/2008 – Article on increases in coal and electricity prices in Ohio:

08/11/2008 -- Article says Australian coalfields to become battleground about climate change:

08/11/2008 -- Reprint of article from Spark says coal is not a "cheap" fuel:

08/11/2008 -- Article on US coal exports:

08/11/2008 – Article about business executives telling Congress cap-and-trade is necessary:

08/11/2008 -- Article says deployment of CCS at all new coal plants is highest climate change policy priority:

08/11/2008 -- NY Times article profiles Jim Rogers, Duke Energy's "Green Coal Baron:"

07/27/2008 -- Guardian Observer article about controversies regarding new coal plants and CCS in England:

07/24/2008 -- Energy Current article summarizing issues facing "clean coal" technology and CCS in the US:

08/11/2008 – Article on coal plant advocacy in Arkansas:

08/11/2008 – BBC article on CCS debate in England:

08/11/2008 – Reprint of LA Times article on role of coal in climate policy:

08/11/2008 – Article on CCS in Canada:

08/11/2008 -- Harvard Energy Policy article advocates massive funding of new technology research because cap-and-trade is not likely to be feasible in sufficiently reducing CO2 atmospheric emissions to avert catastrophe:

08/11/2008 -- NY Times article on European use of coal and prospects for CCS:

08/11/2008 -- Editorial from Nature magazine about progress of CCS:

07/24/2008 -- Energy Current article discusses issues facing "clean coal" technology: